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I refuse to be another assault victim.

New Arrivals


"Without doubt, at the heart of harassment is a deep disrespect or disregard for women as equals, as something more than an object, a body, a sexual being,"

If you haven't experienced it yourself, it's hard to imagine what it must be like to face unwanted sexual advances, threats or violence just for walking down the street.

Many women are harassed in the most public of places, like public transport or a busy city street. Often there are witnesses, and often they do nothing. We ask ourselves why men feel entitled to treat women so poorly.

Women are often told that by wearing certain clothes, going to certain places or drinking alcohol they are inviting harassment; that is their fault; that they "weren't being safe".

This perpetual viewpoint must stop! 



This can be very damaging for people who have had these kinds of experiences! It reinforces their sense of powerlessness, and it reinforces their pain.

The spineless assailants that engage in attacks on woman and on innocent people without having to fear justifiable retribution for their lawless acts, stops now! 

It is time for every woman to choose to be armed. Learn how to properly use self-defense weapons, and how to safeguard them. 


It is the responsibility of all women to safeguard their own life and safety.


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