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Women Holding Hands

Beth, UT

I love this kit! I hope I never have to use it, but just in case I do, I grateful to have some protective items with me. I think it’s important for all women to feel safe and secure.


Kenya, MO

I received this as a gift, I have to say, I love my kit. This is a genius idea. This is a great way for women to feel protected on the go.


Andrea, AZ

This kit is amazing!! I’m telling all of my girlfriends about it! This is a great concept. I can see this kit empowering women to be more self reliant, and to be more aware of there personal safety!

Women Holding Hands

Tawana, KS

This is just what I need! I like that this kit is available in different colors, and that each device is just the right size for ease of use. 


Chrissy, UT

Over the past few months I’ve wanted to get a taser or pepper spray, just something to have on me, just in case I find myself trying to fend off an attacker, this kit does it for me!!! This is the perfect gift for any woman!


Holly, NV

Between my 3 jobs, I’m on the go a lot. For a while now some sort of protection device, or product. When I came across JIC, I knew I this is what I’ve been looking for. These products are so easy to use, and they can pack a punch! I feel safe, and definitely protected with my kit. Thank you!!